Virtual Networking For Bookkeepers and Accountants That Takes the COLD (Brrrrr) out of cold calling and cold emailing…

Posted by patriciareszetylo on February 19, 2019
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Bobby asked about virtual networking, due to health concerns, for both himself and his wife. I have a networking strategy on my website, which works out of the box for “regular” networking activities, and which ALSO works, with some modifications, for online or virtual networking.
Here’s a link over to the “regular” networking strategy series ==>
(And yes, it works like gangbusters).
It’s a 3-part strategy in a nutshell:
  1. We determine your market dominating position – WHOM you will work with, and WHAT makes you better, in some regard, than your competition.
  2. We set you up with a compelling, informational offer. This is behind an optin page (squeeze page) on your website – so they have to optin to get it.
  3.  For the “REGULAR” strategy, you’ll have business cards set up with the regular contact info that you’d expect, PLUS on the backside, we have a compelling call to action (cta) that sends them to your website to claim their copy of your compelling info offer.  To do this online only, we set up your social profile(s) that you’ll use, which then sends them to your website offer page.
It does help a GREAT deal if you understand the Conversion equation. Here is a great explainer video on that ==>
So let’s go thru the virtual networking strategy:
  1. A market dominating position is critical, because while you CAN work with “anybody and everybody” – you don’t want to do so. Why?
    1. When you narrow whom you market to, you’re able to narrow down the problem that you solve – the problem they have, and articulate it in the words they use. When you do that, you immediately interrupt their ‘downtime” state mentally, bring them to uptime, and you have their attention.
    2. You’re also able to take them to step 2 of the conversion equation – engage. This is the result they are looking for. You give them hope that you actually HAVE a solution  for them.  These first two steps are emotional triggers for your prospect.
    3. In step 3, we now share briefly on your squeeze page, what makes YOU better than your competition. This can be as brief as a 1-minute video, or 3 bullet points on your page. It leads to a call to action, where they’ll get access to your informational offer… which leads to your free consult, which leads to bringing them on as a client.
  2. A compelling informational offer is critical because…
    1. it provides them with a solution to a part of their problem, and/or it demonstrates that you’re the real deal. That you GET them. That you understand their industry. That… you’re the potential answer, anyway, to their need.
    2. It gives YOU a way to follow up with them. 20% of your clients will come in within the first 4 touchpoints that you have with them. 80% require 5-12. If you don’t have some system set up so that you even CAN reconnect with them, how will they ever know how AWESOME you are?  That’s right. They won’t.
  3. Your optin page is critical because…
    1. Think of it like dating that leads up to a marriage proposal. Even if you’r interested in the other person (they’re very handsome or glamorous or sexy looking), when you walk up to them and start talking, and all they DO is talk about THEMSELVES, and what they did, what they’ll do – after a while you find a way to excuse yourself and move on.
      We do this in our marketing, too. Most people blather on about how awesome they are, how they offer this and that – and if I’ve just landed on your website, it’s too early in the relationship to do this. I need to understand, without a shadow of doubt, that YOU UNDERSTAND my problems. If you do that, you can take me to the next step – you can tell me that you understand what I’m hoping to achieve. And then you can tell me LOGICALLY, why you are an option for me. And then you can prove it, with your offer.
Making sense so far?
Awesome. Now we build up the infrastructure from back-to-front:
A. Your market dominating position can come from any of these 3 factors, and it may be a combination of them:
  1. WHAT/HOW you do what you do.
  2. WHO your market is – needs they have.
  3. WHAT/HOW your competition does/who they serve – and any gaps in that offering or level of service, etc.
Essentially though, we find a “sweet spot” in you doing work you enjoy, with a market you enjoy and can get to know very intimately – you understand more about them than they do – and ideally, in a gap of the competition.   This may take time, and is something I LOVE helping my clients with.
B. Your virtual “business card.”
So in doing this virtually, now, after we find a market dominating position for you, we set up your profile as your business card. You have a nice photo of you for your profile photo. You have a carefully crafted profile cover, that catches their eye, tells them what you do and why they should look further, and then in the image description, a link over to your informational offer.
NOW you can follow up with emails, chatbots, phone calls etc, as appropriate.
C. Traffic –
Now, in the “REGULAR” networking strategy, this is where you’d get in your car and go to a networking event.  Because we’re working virtually, we do the same thing… it’s just we find our target market online.
Here’s how to do it:
Open up facebook, and using the search function, looks for groups that your target market are in. Here are some examples:
  • You’ve chosen to create a market dominating position for Social Media managers. So you do a search for ‘Social Media Manager’ (and be sure to note other terms that come up along the way). When the search results come up, click on the “Groups” tab. Now you have a pile of groups to look at. Look at the descriptions, and see if you can see how active they are – they usually show how many posts and new members added in the last 30 days.
  • Join 5-10. Read thru the group to get a feel for how it operates, if people are nice or snarky (the bigger the group, the more snarky ones there are) and if people are talking about what you solve. Do a few searches on terms that might be relevant in the group search box on the left. Are these conversations that you can add value to?
  • Select 2-3 conversations you can add value to, and copy the link to that post to your file.  Write up a value post, and post it in the group, with a link back to the post you’re answering.
Yes, people will sit up and take notice.
And yes, this is the EXACT strategy I’m using here.

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