The Conversion Equation – Step 1, Interrupt

Posted by patriciareszetylo on February 23, 2019

So previously I shared that the most important thing that gets overlooked in almost ALL businesses is the difference between STRATEGY and TACTICS.

STRATEGY starts with knowing your target market, and fine-tuning your message to them.

TACTICS is how and where you get that out to them. Most people skip strategy and go straight to tactics… which can work for a while, but it’s expensive, slow, hard going – and only takes you so far.

So we use what we call the CONVERSION FORMULA to consistently hit home runs in our business.

Here’s the Conversion Formula: Interrupt + Engage + Educate + Offer

Interrupt is part one – and this is what gets our prospect’s attention. I’m sure you have heard the saying that we have to enter the conversation going on in our prospects’ mind.


Easy – we answer this question: What PROBLEM do they have that they can’t solve?

Not what result are they looking for – that’s part 2.

What is the big, hairy, sleep-depriving, conversation-at-the-kitchen-table-at-3am-problem they can’t solve?

Next time we’ll discover more about part 2 of the conversion equation, ENGAGE – when we talk about the RESULTS they want but can’t get. 😉

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