How do I find the right coach for my business?

Posted by patriciareszetylo on August 18, 2018

The question was on one of the busiest groups on facebook:

“Hey guys, I think I need a business coach. I have some weird requirements and I don’t want something crazy expensive. How would I go about looking based on what I need? No inboxes please lol.”

It’s a legitimate question, and like a lot of questions, got a few good responses, and some truly pathetic ones:

GOOD RESPONSE: Probably start with what your requirement are.

The OP came back with this response:

“Ok! Mental health therapist and aspiring health coach (and sell health products). Looking to add speaking to my list of services. I want to be a motivational speaker and have viral videos on fb and insta. I’m interested in writing a book too.”

I knew that this guy had no clue as to how to find a good coach, and would likely get sucked into somebody’s BSO if he didn’t get educated, and fast.

My response was designed to give him a bunch of questions to ask a potential coach. I know that when I educate a prospect in HOW to make a decision, he’s not only more likely to make a better one, but he’ll remember WHO educated him:

“Find somebody who will actually fill in your marketing gaps – EVERYBODY has them – and who can prove that they know where those are, that they can help you build your business up so that it’s READY for a speaking career.

Your business IS NOT ready right now.

Also, look for somebody who’s well enough connected so they can refer you over to others who specialize in some of those things – book writing, for example needs to be done specifically so you don’t “just have a book” when you’re done, but so that it’s marketable, sells on it’s own, and actually promotes you. (I know a lady who does this and only this).

Speaking is the same thing. When your business is ready, you need a coach at that time that specializes in this, and can actually get you the ROI you need. I know a lot of these people. Some, personally.

And it sounds like you’re on a budget. Do they have options? Will they work with you on the finances? I know coaches who will.

Do they understand the difference between strategy and tactics? Will they help you with your business foundation? OR do they just point you of to this or that shiny object? Do they actually understand marketing, or do they point you off to this or that tactic, and CALL it marketing (most do the last)?

Are they working on their own, or do they work with a group of associates, advisors of their own – and are THEY themselves in coaching?

Have THEY written a book? What else are THEY doing in THEIR marketing?”

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